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A stop motion short about a boy attempting to build a campfire. He does a bad job.

This film was primarily completed in a 2 month period back in early 2010. All shot in my dorm room.

Song: "1957" by Milo Greene
MiloGreene.com (I actually purchased music rights for this one - no more copywrited music!)

Nice to be back here on Newgrounds. Excited to share my work here again.
EDIT: Thank you for the daily and weekly awards, crew pick, and front page!

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Very good animation and some nice jokes, only thing is that the animation just feels alittle weird at times, probably just me, but great job!

This was amazing! I enjoyed it so much, this is so cool!

the animation was really nice. it hase a nice story. i love this

Nice little story with some funny bits. I can't believe this was only 3 months. It was so smooth and that fire looks like it took forever to animate. I love stop motion and I love this.

The animation was impressive to say the least, the story/plot could have been added to in my opinion, but im not gunna let opinion slander this work of art, voted, rated, 5/5