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The Robot in the Maze

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The essence of the story you play for the robot, he wakes up, and he does not remember what he's doing here, in the maze, He should get out of the Labyrinth and come home, but he met danger ?

Management simple: up, down, right, left, arrow.

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decent, i somewhat enjoyed it, though there was a place on the 4th level where i couldn't get past the zombie to get to the goal, which was frustrating

Not bad, gets a little dull after a while though. I did like the style of the game, although as Matty said, the robot could use a little more animation. Biggest criticism however is that you picked the worst maze type to utilise, space filling paths are extremely tedious to backtrack and don't offer many options to change your course.

The game i not bad at all it need a little bit of more work in fact im not a big maze fan but this one is good keep up the good work

The soundtrack is very annoying, the character moves too slowly and the game design isn't beautiful. But i put 2 star for the effort the conceptor had put into this game.

I like the concept of the game. I think it would be funnier if there was more to it. Some obstacles to overcome or enemies to avoid. Good Job!

Credits & Info

3.32 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2014
5:11 AM EST
  • Stencyl

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