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Mario Vs Bowser Vs Pacman

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This here is a remake of an animation I made years ago that I put up on youtube. It was the true first sprite animation I made. I made the original using windows movie maker and paint. It was before I got flash. The actual youtube channel no longer exists because I didn't want the username birdc003 anymore. It doesn't have much story unlike my Pokémon Darkness series and I made this movie in a matter of a few hours but I think you will like it.

Anyway before I keep on rambling enjoy the movie.

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Pacman is bad enough without a Super Star, but with one, becomes the 5th Horseman of the Apocalypse. Horseman of Gluttony, nothing can fill his belly even after he has ate the world. Your fireballs can't hurt him Mario, and Bowser, you just suck period, so you have zero chance. That was funny, short, but funny. make a sequel to this, I want to see Mario get the crap beat out of him by Pacman, with Bowser sitting in a lawn chair sipping a Mai-Tai watching it all. Awesome.
3/5, 3.5 stars

It's a simple concept, with a simple quick punch line. As it is, it's a bit random which is where I would develop the humor more.

Since this is an upgrade, take the time to perhaps develop it more since the artwork is borrowed from other sources/little time spent on original art creation. What is developed is of course up to you, but I would focus on the story/joke. If not your forte; then perhaps work on the graphics or music upgrade.

it uses the WTF factor perfectly!

Not too bad! It would be cool if it were longer.