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Flash Library #10

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Please send in something for tomorrow. The theme is Cave Story, 12/24fps, 720x405, has to fit an E or 13+ rating. Each part for tomorrow's Cave Story episode has to be made in under an hour; multiple parts are allowed. PM me for details.

***to send a part, upload your .fla (if you have Flash 8) or .swf (if you don't have Flash 8) to the NG dump and PM the links to me***

Today didn't have a theme. I used 2 unfinished projects of mine, "Sticks 'n Stones," a cartoon about the PS4 vs. Xbox One debate, and "Dio," a 3-year-old unfinished Tenacious D music video. Artistunknown sent in "Science 'n Stuff," which is about the periodic table.

*will accept entries until 11:59PM EST tomorrow*
24/12 fps
BG: white
fits an E or 13+ rating
Tomorrow's theme: Cave Story (all parts made in an hour)

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Surprisingly good. The quick-patch interface quickly becomes meaningless.

Good audio quality and nice lipsynchings too.

PS: You missed unobtanium!
PS2: I like PS2.