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The Podunkton Anthem

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Cycon's gathered everyone together again for a big announcement that he's been planning all year. I'm guessing there's a song involved, given the name of the episode... Let's see what the Podunkton Pals have in store for us!

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Welcome to Podunkton:
"The Podunkton Anthem"

Written by Jordan Christopher & Ricky Sanderson
Produced by Podunkton Studios

Kory Pratt as Klunk
Jordan C. Miller as Cycon, Epic Toad, and The Narrator
Max Miller as Old Man
Jared "John Karting" Miller as Karting
Mike Fortress as Damien

Megan Musgrave
Tyler Wright
Bryce Miller
and the Podunkton Studios Crew
Daniel Elliot (Gerkinman)
Omarr Estrada (Dante D91 Productions)
Jon "The Lemon" Monroe
Max Gilardi
and everyone who's stuck around and supports our good times!

Hillary Bergeron
Dustyn Powers
Deborah Woods

Composition & Soundtracking
by Colin "Doc Thallium" McDaniel

"The Podunkton Anthem"
written and performed by Jordan C. Miller
with special thanks to Billy Putz
Copyright 2013 Podunkton Studios

Jordan C. Foley

Additional Noise Making:
Ricky Sanderson
Jordan C. Miller
Rebel the Dog

Produced & Recorded at
Podunkton Studios, 2013 - 2014

Lead Animator - Jordan C Miller
Assistant Animator - Ricky Sanderson


All original art and characters produced and created by Jordan C. Miller, copyright 2013.We encourage the art community, so feel

free to use our likeness in any fan art you'd like!

Feel free to email us at:
Contact: w2podunkton@gmail.com

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Did you hide in a cocoon to store energy or what, this is the biggest glo up I've seen a series undertake.

Also did that one dude enter an emo phase or was he replaced with a different character with the same voice LOL

Cycon responds:

i know im supposed to know the answer but i dont know the answer

Oh My God the artstyle is so good!! and the fact that it's funny didn't hurt..

WTF .-. xD so funny

I love the new art style how everyone looks more individual rather than he same round heads on every character. though i don't recognize the blonde guy with the touque. Klunk has the best redesign as far as i can tell while I can't tell if the nerd is who i think it is or not because he looks so different

Cycon responds:

Ha, I'm glad you appreciate the differences! I spent a good deal of time thinking about how to improve them and how a new image would affect their character as a whole. The blonde guy is Karting, he was new near the end of DCK and didn't get to do much with him, so we put him in here to try it out. The nerd is Epic Toad! Glad you like Klunk, I'm definitely partial to Cycon and Klunk, myself.

I need to fix Damien's chin, though. Haha, so I'm told. :)

I miss the old animation/story style, but it's great to see the old DCK crew back again. It's been far too long.

Cycon responds:

I can't draw....