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The Original Jump Scare

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Author Comments

Its been a bit seance i uploaded so i put this together over the past 3 days.
Because the one i was currently working on is gonna take me awhile
Regardless i hope you enjoyed this and Thanks for Watching!

Credits- The song that plays in the back ground is "Super Friendly" by Kevin MacLeod
of Incompetech.com He makes a Ton of great music! Go check him out sometime.

And i think that's really it. I did everything else. Oh wait! i didn't draw Pantheons Body
i just stuck my face on his (Ruthless Pantheon) Splash art. I also drew Fiddlesticks,
So both of those belong to Riot Games.

Heeey and if you liked it and wanna support me i also have a
Youtube account.
Your feed back good or bad means the world
to me! Thanks. -PandaguyPat

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The great part of this is it's simplicity! It's nice to see something like this, wish I saw it more often. The sound was pretty good though the animation needs a bit of work.

YourPalPat responds:

Thank you for the feed back! I dont know why i like this comment so much but i do, probably because you were honest with me yet not a dick about it, Which is more rare than it should be. Sometimes it feels like there's no middle man between "Good job" and "Stop animating your awful" which leaves me with mixed messages about how i'm doing. And yeah i know i'm not the best at what i do and i don't think i'll ever be. But as long as some people like my stuff regardless of the fact by comparison my animating skills are pretty shit, Then i must be doing something right. So i'm just gonna keep at it because its what i love to do! And maybe some day i'll be someone, Thats the dream anyways. Hmmm.. that sounded pretty cliché but whatever! Thanks! -PandaguyPat

I was actually thinking you were gonna put a screamer right before the toast was finished, i'm kinda glad you didn't.

Heheheh, swearing makes me laugh ^_^

lol, well I liked. not ambitious or anything, but it still made me laugh. Good work

He he that was funny. And the animations nice.