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Metal Blade

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One of my projects I did while on my games design course.

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The helicopter the player uses is to slow and big to dodge the far to fast bullets.

It's a solid attempt at creating a vertical shooter. However, it has several issues.

The graphics are very low resolution, and very low-detail. Most of them consist of very dull, dark colors that, overall, make the scene visually boring. The one possibly interesting graphic, the explosion, was overused so much that it became as boring as the rest of the set. The bullets were also pretty bland. The background is just blue, and nothing else. All in all, this is not very visually appealing. The sound assets aren't very good either. There are no sound effects at all: no planes flying, no bullets, no explosions, nothing. All that there is for sound in this game is a single music track that repeats over and over again. It is incredibly repetitive, and as such becomes annoying within minutes of play. Overall, the assets were pretty weak.

It was bad. The helicopter you have is barely maneuverable, as it has an unnecessarily slow acceleration to get up to speed, and also has a very low speed cap. The game is artificially difficult as a result, and artificial difficulty is no fun in a game. In addition, the enemy variety was weak. There are only three main enemy types: green helicopters which are boring to kill, white helicopters which are annoying to kill because of the limited mobility of the player, and big boats which are the same as the white helicopters but take more hits and go slower. The boss enemy is much easier than the level before it, and it dies pretty quickly. Furthermore, there is only one level, and the lack of depth makes this game a very empty experience, and playing through it feels useless.

There isn't one. At all. I understand that this was meant to be more of an arcade game, but there could have been something.

You should probably add sound and quality options to your game. It's somewhat of a standard nowadays. Also, one major issue of mine personally is that the game tells you to refresh your browser in order to play again if you die. Was there a problem with adding a button that went back to the menu?

Final Score: 1 Star
There really isn't much to this game at all. A for effort, but one star for product.