Shattered Heaven Ep. 2

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1/6 Edit:

Wow, featured, thanks so much. In listening to this, I'm hearing more peaking, so I think I'll upload a fixed version when I get home from work.

Also, thank you for the comments and suggestions on how to improve. I may not reply to them all, but I take all of them to heart, even ones that focus on negative aspects. It's the only way to improve going forward.

Was originally released yesterday, ended up having to balance some audio levels from the Youtube version.

Episode 2 "Measuring Up"

When Adam Novus finds out that his soldier brother, Stephen has accepted a match with his direct superior in the Alliance, he is thrilled. But memories of his loss to Stephen months prior begin to chip away at his confidence.


Adam Novus: Adam Tilford

Stephen Novus: Greg Nugent

Amy Caecus: Kira Buckland

Mike Aquilus: Carlos Moreno

Christina Efflorenso: Michelle Deco

Sean Repens: Brian Gilbert

Jen Fama: Jasmine Carbonell

Grace Cooper: Corinne S.

Nathan Gelidus: Austin Lee Matthews

Caleb Prodito: Matt Shipman

Harold Caecus: Kamran Nikhad


Heidi Tabing

Travis Mullenix

Brandon Wright

Music by Projecttrinity

Ending theme "Broken Machine"

Performed by Amanda Lee

Composed and written by Luke Thomas

Purchase the full song here - http://shatteredheaven.bandcamp.com/

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Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/ShatteredHeaven
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The characters contrasting voices and personalities actually make this seem more realistic which is good. That guy, Mike, back with his funny ass voice, cant wait to see the fight. One thing you might want to work on is the lips synching in with the voices better. When The Crimson Knight retorted his "superior" saying "You already wasted mine" I was like daaaamn. That was great. Also, Amy's father reminds me of somebody, although I can't put my finger on it, maybe that old guy from the new speed racer series.
Anyways, going to be waiting for the next one to come out. Til then.

The voice acting of the crimson knight and the black guy was weak. Also, I'm from the middle east and I thought I was done with the terrorist bull shit by turning off my TV, I thought wrong.

The Good, the bad and the ugly.
The good- decent voice acting, decent story(pretty a-typical hero anime like eh mech series.

The bad-----
The colors are too flat there is no level of depth, you need to use depth tricks to convey a measure of depth and it's not that hard simply have a 80 % black to 0% gradient, place this between the characters and background or however you want to use it. The characters designs also are a bit weak but bearable and the animation is just wonky.
Sometimes a bit too monotone with the voices but bearable

The Ugly- Well I can't say there was anything ugly.

All in all you were able to put out an animation regardless of other factors and that is an achievement. My thing is as you create something always try to make it better, don't settle for a sub-par method and I believe you are settling when it can be better. Keep at it and I hope to see some better work. Lets see where this mech series goes.

saw this decided to watch the first 2 episodes before this
great concept and ideas
charters are a bit off cant pick it out exactly but also face emotions seem either not enough or to much
example anytime someone is surprised their eyes go completely bug eyed! or in times where they should be relaxed they look like they are going ot have a meltdown
some facial work would be good to get better reads on emotions adn the intensity that they feel them!
keep up this series it has alot of potential

Ain't that bad. You have a good team there! Perhaps more passion here and there.

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4.57 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2014
1:06 PM EST