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A cute maid listens to music with you from Mabinogi, Touhou, and The Legend of Zelda.

A first try of mine at flash. Fair warning the credit links are temperamental.

*It was intended to be uncolored and simply use some pink accents. Simply a cute sketch on a basic background - though a paper texture would have been a good idea. But I simply didn't think about it.

*There are only 4 songs since I wanted to keep the file size down, since I was not sure how my resolution and quality would turn out.

*Expressions/body language. I wanted her to have some body language and expressions. However this was created in a few hours, so I felt a time crunch.

Artwork - Rebecca Milligan
Music - John Dawson


At first i didn't hear anything. then i realize that my headphones's volume was 0. so when i turned it up i heard some good music. my favorite are only the touhou ones. ^_^ can't help myself since i love touhou. it needs color since you did colored the eyes but your choice.
when i listen to beloved tomboy i can't help but think about cirno since she is the one you r talking.
good music keep up the good work

I like it, the style and the art, it reminds me of one of those JRPG games, but focused on showcasing music which is a neat idea. My main thing is I wanna see more of it, like more animations, poses, facial expressions, and so on for when the character throws text at you. One thing, I noticed the non color thing was deliberate as her eyes and only a few other spots were colored, I think you could take that one step further and accent other important parts, text, and such.

A few enjoyable tracks, and a nice maid staring back at you. Not bad for a first try at flash, though it does need color, as the maid is a bit on the harsh side to see since black and white in pencil is a bit painful to look at on a screen.

So 3 things.
A) More tracks.
B) Color.
C) Make the maid move a bit to the music to make it less static. Prehaps earphones?

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I wish there was more music but I like that she comments on the different songs, over all a good first flash.

I thought it was great for an experiment, trying to figure out flash. especially when this will be fully fleshed out-

Colored Background/Character.
Music changed a little ( I believe I explained this on our discussion )
Also to add some Art Assets for the buttons.

I think it's a good start and can only get better from here.

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3.18 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2013
9:44 PM EST
Gadgets - Soundboards