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Final Slam 2

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The Creator 10 Points

Create and Save a Fighter

The Fighter 25 Points

Win 10 matches in Arcade Mode

Complete 50 Points

Complete the Prelude Story Mode

The Champion 50 Points

Stay Undefeated for 10 matches in Arcade Mode!

Author Comments

- all Final Slam fans, (since the first Final Slam)
- all those who stopped by to tried the game, like or dislike
- all who made the game possible
- all who voted for the game
- Newgrounds crew for the Frontpage


The Final Slam sequel is here on Newgrounds!!!

Final Slam 2 is a fighting game that allows you to create your own fighter and fight various other fighters. The game is packed with over 40 in-game fighters, but you can still create your own fighters by customizing his or her attire, moves and stats. You can even adjust the Artificial Intelligence of your fighter! Create yourself. Create your friends. Create your enemies. Create casual guys, ninjas, movie stars, wrestlers, shaolin monks, kung fu fighters, boxers, warriors, robots, game characters and even monsters. Then fight!

FAQ / Secrets / Moves List / Tips / Authors Message / Downloadable at:
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::::::: NOTES / ISSUES: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

1. some may find the game too easy especially if you can use a certain spam move throughout the match to win. This is because the default difficulty is set to Easiest. To get more challenge out of the AI, you can try setting the difficulty to Fighter or Master or Legend.

2. Issue with power moves. The power moves can be done fine and I can easily execute them, and I believe I am no more better a fighting game player than you, if not worse. But during testing, I did find that some people are having troubles. And I found out it's the keys are pressed. For example, Down Front Punch. If you do it very quickly it may not trigger. The keys MUST NOT OVERLAP. So it has to be down, release, front, release, punch. And I have already set the key combo times to moderate, and as I mentioned to one reviewer, just tapping Down. Front. Punch. (using Turner) should give you an aura ball blast. Not too slowly, but not too fast. To get the hang of it without getting beat up, try it with 1p vs 2p first. Then pretty soon you'd be able to do it faster.

3. As for lags and slowdowns and unresponsiveness, yes, unlike other games the sprites are customizable, and not just colorswap like some Street Fighters, therefore, rendering them takes more cpu power and RAM. Ways to reduce lag:
- close some browser tabs
- close some unused background applications
- download the Silver version (free)
http://www.indiedb.com/games/final-slam-2/downloads/final-slam-2-demo EXE and run it on Fullscreen which will use Windows DirectX that can reduce lag and increase speed by a lot

Have fun!

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I love it!

Here's Slamdude.


Lakitu Fangirl maybe too?

Here's my code:
Big Boi Frank:

Kinda kool.

Here's my fighters collection:

Isaac (Me)


Not-so-Final Slammer (Boss)


Felix the Cat (Hosted - made by Danty1969)


HTML5 (Progam used to make Scratch 3.0)


Mr. Madness


Gagged Girl


Gagged Girl (Blue)


Gagged Girl (Master)


Mario? (Not accurate)