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Sky Cops

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Author Comments

The rival army is trying to break into your country. You are a Sky Cop and your mission is to destroy all enemies in all levels.

The civilians are counting on you. Good luck!

** Game Instructions **
Arrows or WASD: Move
Space: Fire
Hold Space: Rapid fire
P: Pause

** Tips **
-Try to finish the level with 100% lifebar to get bonus
-If your lifebar is 100% completed, you get extra points by collecting life
-To destroy your enemies more quickly, you can shoot more times instead of using auto fire.
-Play the game in Firefox for best performance

Mission 01 - The Islands 1/2
Mission 02 - The Islands 2/2
Mission 03 - Burning Forests
Mission 04 - Forest Takeover
Mission 05 - Sandstorm 1/2
Mission 06 - Sandstorm 2/2
Final Mission - The last bases

Visit us: http://www.playgb.com

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Good graphics, simple and easy gameplay makes it an enjoyable experience. :)

Very nice. My friend made the music you know.

playgb responds:

Yes :) thank you for playing!

all in all it was fun, but a bit too easy, i only lost one life when i got greedy.

playgb responds:

In our next games, we will make easy, normal and hard mode. Thank you very much for the review.

not bad, a little generic...the graphics are just fine, and the design itself is entirely functional and simple, it's nice. the real problem here I have is what about this makes it about being a cop? You're just auto-firing at army-dudes. i don't think cops usually do that.

playgb responds:

Hey there! Thank you for the comment! Yes, Sky Cops is the name of a special unit who are called, when the situation is critical :D. I hope you follow us to see our next games.

It's alright..

playgb responds:

Thank you for playing! I hope you see our next games.