Angry Kid Calls Santa

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A Unhappy Angry Kid Calls Santa to Let Him Know How He Feels, he calls Santa and tells him how it is, he is unhappy at gettign a PS4 for Christmas.

*This video is a good few days late, i Know ! but i hate getting half way through a project then scrapping it, also this is the first time i have ever done lip syncing which is why its quite terrible, however i have learned a lot form making this so its good to try and fail so the next time i make a cartoon the lip syncing should be better. Thank you

Twitter - @Gorman_CTG
Tumblr - Gormanstudios.tumblr.com
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC63gXpcDDH-eFaA1bJIOtKg


Ok first is the voice. Flash has a really bad default setting for sound so your gonna have to fix it in the settings. If you cant figure it out let me know and Ill walk you through it. The beeping is alittle too loud also. But funny idea though. Shit, I wish I could call santa and bitch lol. Keep it up!
P.S. Jazza has some tutorials on lip sync (youtube)

you need better animation. this looks ugly. you can do better

Bleeping really hurts the ears, decrease the volume next time.
In regards to everything else, the idea is okay, but you should learn to work more with curves (especially on the house). And I agree with cjjm, I couldn't understand most of it.

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ChrisGorman responds:

i appreciate the feedback, but i have a question, is it the accent you don't understand, the speed of the talking or what ? this would help me a lot. thanks

u can do better :(

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couldn't make out most of what was said.

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Dec 29, 2013
7:59 AM EST
Comedy - Original