Koglioni Unterschiede

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I wanted to upload something in 2013, but I didn't have time, so I found this thing I made two years ago on my PC (it was almost a blank file, I only did the intro back then) and I decided to make a game out of it. I made it in 8 hours, I was aiming for the most offensive and annoying game ever done, much like Takeshi's Challenge on the NES. What's more, it is unfairly difficult, have fun finishing it. There are 19 images, some of them will get you confused. Heterosexual males will like the final prize :P.
This shitty game is dedicated to Thomas. Fuck you Thomas.

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ma questa è merda con i controcazzi!

Gurzociurlo responds:

È proprio solo merda, nella sua forma più completa e pura, un autentico distillato di putridume!

You need to link the music... I need to use that tune 24/7 from now on and forever

Gurzociurlo responds:

Right click and "enjoy soundtrack"

I have to admit that this is quite out there. The self-deprivation and intentionally horrible, well, everything is done in full force and without fear and I applaud you for that. I enjoyed it on a fairly ridiculous level, meaning I did but I didn't. The whole game seems to be like nails on a chalkboard, and I maybe wrong but I believe that was your intent and you did it well. The only issue I have with it is that I feel that it belongs in experimentation, not spot the difference. If possible, resubmit it under experimental. If it were in there I would have given probably 3 1/2 or 4 stars, as I honestly appreciate the "fuck you, I do what I want"quality of this game.

Gurzociurlo responds:

People under experimental already know the almightiness of this kind of flash, my intent was to make a game for the masses. Thank you for reviewing this game so seriously, it is really appreciated!

its just god awful

Gurzociurlo responds:


This is thash rage made game by jealous people.

Gurzociurlo responds:

Jealous single person*