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Vertical Drop Heroes DEMO

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This is a Flash demo promoting my latest project on Steam Greenlight,
a HD remake of one of my earliest games, Vertical Drop Heroes.

You can grab the desktop demo from here: it's much faster and has a lot more lighting and shadow effects:

If you enjoy it, click on the “Vote on Greenlight” button to vote for this game to be on Steam. The actual game has a bigger, FREE demo for the desktop that you can download for free from the Greenlight page itself. The game is still under development, but there will be regular new updates on the Greenlight page until its release date.

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why is there alot of kaizo traps in this game?

Vertical Drop Heroes DEMO (Alpha v3)

So Nerdook is a developer with an insane work ethic, pretty good professionalism, and every game is always a mix of wonderfully refreshing (albeit mildly jenky) gameplay, the stories are almost nonexistent but the style is instantly recognizably adorable; the result is a collection of 21 games since 2010 and I may not love everything, but I've never felt like any game has been regrettable and have really loved: Vertical Drop Heroes, Bongo Boom Battlegrounds, I Am An Insane Rogue AI, Dungeon Developer, and Kill Them 1All.

In this version of Vertical Drop Heroes meets Rogue Legacy; both games I've played through a couple times! Every game starts with a choice of 3 heroes that have unique random attributes. These attributes consist of their low and high damage, their health, their primary (space) ability, their secondary ability (tab) and two other slots with passive abilities.

Once you've chosen a hero, you'll be dropped into the temple of wisdom where you'll be able to buy permanent buffs: attack upgrades from the blacksmith and health upgrades from the apothecary. You can also talk with two other useless (now) NPCs, or the statue, before you use the rift to make it to your first vertical drop world.

Here you can collect keys (for chest loot), coins (for upgrades) and health potions. You can also find merchants that will sell various active and passive abilities as well as merchants that sell single level (cut rate) attack or health upgrades. Once you obtain the skill required to make the whole fall alive, you'll be confronted by another rift that is opened when you kill the boss. This battle can be made easier by trying to level up on your way down because your attacks and health will scale with your level.

I'd definitely recommend playing this when you can have a few hours blink by from all the fun! I'd also recommend greenlighting this: Steam -> Community -> Greenlight: (search) Vertical Drop Heroes.

some arrow keys don't work, I know its not my computer because it was just working for a different game.

Is good, very fun and have nice musics and graphics. but i prefered the first one

Yeah man, this game is really good. Great music, props to the sound designer.
Gameplay is very smooth on all levels too. Graphics nice and clean.
Odd combat system of walking into enemies though. Its like you can't beat any of em with out taking damage or using up charges.
I like the way the mega jump can destroy blocks, very cool feature.

nerdook responds:

There are a lot more skills and powers in the demo, if you can unlock them from the merchants. :D

Credits & Info

4.78 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2013
8:01 AM EST