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Repo 100 Items 5 Points

Repo 100 Items

$1000 Hopital Bill 10 Points

Run Up $1000 Worth of Hospital Bills

Destroy 50 Items 10 Points

Destroy 50 Items

Smash 25 Windows 10 Points

Smash 25 Windows

Destroy $10,000 25 Points

Destroy $10,000 Worth of Items

KO 10 People 50 Points

KO 10 People

Repo $100,000 50 Points

Repo $100,000 Worth of Items

Complete the Game 100 Points

Complete the Game

Author Comments

Go Repo officially comes to Newgrounds!

Take your team of strong-arm repo agents and go and recover some bad debts from "customers" who will do anything they can to stop you. Use of force is allowed, but not advised as you will have to pay the victim's hospital bills.

Throw the repo'd gear in the back of your van and reach the target to move on to the next job. If a "customer" starts giving you grief, throw something at them to "calm them down", but try not to break the most valuable items while you are at it.

If you get really desperate and a "customer" just won't give up, use a special move on them and KO them good and proper!


Valuable items give you extra time - if you see the time ticking down, try and repo something valuable asap.

You can throw items in to the back of your van from any distance, just make sure there isn't a "customer" in the way. You only have to return to your van to switch agents.

Each repo agent has a unique set of abilities. Meat Head can repo cars and other heavy items, 'Fro Fred can jump highest and reach areas the other two can't and Stompy can't be knocked over and has a special "Super KO" (but she's kinda slow).

You can drop items out of windows (smash the window first) by pressing the Drop Item button (M by default), then pick them up later and repo them. This is especially useful when there are lots of valuable items on and upper floor.

Redefine the keys to your liking by clicking the Cog Icon at the top-right of the screen.

If you get stuck, there are plenty of walk-throughs on YouTube and if you fail a level 3 times you can skip it.

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This not for mature!!!!!
It's for everyone how a joke!

This game was great! Looks Great, Sounds Great, Runs and Plays Great! Even like the three main sprites. Bad Ass!

Keep it up

Good game, but it gets repetitive after a while. If you added an upgrade system it would be more enjoyable.

Fun game, like the Graphics and the parody of every repo reality show out there.