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Warning: This movie contains few flashing colors ( kinda )

EDIT: Okay so a lot of people have been wondering about the title. So here's why:
1.) Initially this was going to be animated with color purple/violet and black. But I got so tired looking at the color that I changed it to another color and got the idea that the viewer should be able to pick a color (sorry if your favorite color isn't there).
2.) I tried using different music for this thing and coincidentally, I chose one that was also called Grape. So yeah the music (unintentionally) is also called Grape.

Okay, so this is an experimental kinda thing. I tried to use only 2 colors for this and I did. I also gave the option pick from 10 colors. So I hope you enjoy this weird thing I made.

NOTE: If you are watching this as a video instead of a flash movie, you will not be able to pick a color (duh), color used in the video is dark red ( it will look like orange on the Newgrounds player)

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awesome i'm a fan of your work and while this looks simple, how, just how must've taken awhile. props to you BryanV.

This was pretty good and I enjoyed the story and music. Nice work!

This won Daily Feature and Weekly 4th Place, but it only has 14K views?! I am shocked! This is really a wonderful and underrated cartoon. At first, I thought it was just going to be a single loop. There wasn't much movement in at first. It got so much better as it went along.

The fact that you could watch it over and over again with new variants made it all the more amazing. I first picked orange, my favorite color! I'm glad this at least got some awards. This really did tell an interesting story from beginning to end. I'm not sure what the title means, but I don't care. You have given us true art.

Lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove your animations!

Brilliant! I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. However, it took me a while/ watched twice to understand what is happening as the latter part has quite faster pace =P. Also, there is still a lot of room for improvement so I hope to see more from you.