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Two Anglophiles

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

The animation is quite 'tweeny' in this one for two reasons: I had two days to make this before Christmas and I needed to learn how the 'pegs' worked in Toon Boom.

Whoever knows what film I was referencing with the conversation scene gets a nothing.

EDIT: OH SHI- Speeling Misteak at the end.

Be wary however, as there is a scene with rapid flashing which should be avoided if one has epilepsy or any other similar condition.

Double EDIT: Oh wow! 2nd Place Daily AND Featured movies? And this is only my second toon uploaded here. Oh my gosh, you guys, how wonderful!

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Love it!

Shufflehound responds:


it gets good at 1:06

Shufflehound responds:

The bits that don't take as long to make usually are.

The beginning reminds me a bit of Weebl's animation, same style of both graphics and accenting, smooth and aristocrastic. Wasn't expecting the end though, that random conversation seemed like the traditional batch of fun. So... how much did SpecSavers sponsor this for? :P Great work!


Shufflehound responds:

One million grand, a private continent and my very own space shuttle if you must know.
Thanks for the kind words!

Ha ha, I'm reminded of strong bad email #22, tee hee. Happy new orbital period. That's great. I can do better though. Happy arbitrary orbital period standardized reference phase position. Say THAT eleven thousand times fast.

Shufflehound responds:

Happyarbitraryorbitalperiodstandaaaaaaaaaa---------*brain.exe has stopped working*