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Peeple Smashin'

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Take control of the Ogre as you smash your way though the forest, the mountains and the caverns. But don't forget, there's always a bigger smasher out there.

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A fun little Arcade game, smashing peeples really is fun!

very good, apart from the frustrating levels and the suicidal AI

SirenGames responds:

Yeah. The levels near the end get a bit unbalanced. I doubt I'll attempt rebalancing them, but I appreciate the feedback.

a like smashing stuff

SirenGames responds:

Don't we all. : )

awsome but bad graphics

SirenGames responds:

Bad graphics!? I'd like to hire you as a pixel artist, in that case. What do you charge? Where's your portfolio?

Good design, but the object detection method is wrong for it. The rounded corners don't mesh with the 8-bit style or the small platform level design. It was very annoying to be thrown off a ledge from smashing a person or having one fall on me. The spin mechanic didn't really add anything but frustration. The difficulty curve wasn't followed by equal reward, so I found myself grinding the lower levels instead of attempting the current level dozens of times. The boss only takes three hits and is very anticlimactic.

SirenGames responds:

Yeah. The engine I used gave me hell with collision detection. If I changed it to prevent the peeple from bouncing you off cliffs then you'd end up falling through the corners of the tiles. It was seriously days of tweaking it before I finally threw in the towel and chalked it up to "challenge". So hopefully it's "challenging". lol

Thanks for the awesome feedback. The boss gets harder every time you beat him, but there's little to no incentive to keep going back. Costumes were planned for replayability, but I didn't get that far into development before getting bored, to be honest. Maybe I'll add some stuff in later on.

Thanks again!