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Didn't take long to make this, it's a few months old, maybe 5 or 8 months actually. I just found it the other day and thought yeah, it's fun enough, and I know Newgrounds is the sort of place that gets everything reviewed, so I thought I'd stick it on here just to see what sort of reception this gets.

Important notes include:
No hitTest.
No anti-cheat.
No embedded fonts.
And sudden starting.

I am aware it is not perfected and one can cheat, however, playing it just for the fun of it, what do you think?


3,2,1,I heard 1 second a music, no time to see what to do, then game over.
I retried, It happens the same, again, again, again. Is it a game ?

Gallex responds:

Yes it is, it's just you cannot figure out how to keep the mouse in the red circle.

took a few tries to figure it out buts its pretty fun and i dig the ambient

Gallex responds:


Nothing happened.

Gallex responds:

Update Adobe Flash Player.
Haha, nah, only joking. I get what you mean!

Good, but should be improved. I mean, it's too confusing when starting, because the player doesn't knows what it can collect and what not. You should insert a menu, a hi-score table, etc.

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Gallex responds:

Yes, well if I were to release it officially it would of course have a menu and manual of sorts. I would love to do highscore charts, but I've no idea how!

I lose if i click...

Gallex responds:

Well this is an elaborate review. Do you mean after the the countdown or ingame? Because the countdown is vague, yes, but once ingame you cannot click, it's an illegal move for a reason...

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1.98 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2013
7:14 AM EST
Skill - Avoid