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AV: The Plague Saga pt 1

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Adrellia Village:
Season 3, Episode 47:
The Plague Saga, pt. 1
Runtime: 5:12
12/24/13 - There's an awful plague in the small town of Trellutor, and it's only up to three people to stop it. King William sends three heroes named Drake, Rachel, and Rory to try to find a cure to end it.

YouTube: http://youtube.com/adrelliavillage
Newgrounds: http://mistyentertainment.newgrounds.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AdrelliaVillage
Twitter: http://twitter.com/adrelliavillage
Website: http://bit.ly/AVWebsite
Production Handbook: http://bit.ly/AV47Handbook

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Excellent work, definitely one of the best Adrellia Village episodes of 2013. Looking forward to the rest of the Plague Saga!

MistyEntertainment responds:

Thanks for the review.

Looking back, this is fun and doesn't seem to be as much of a rehash as I originally thought. I think it can easily fit with the previously-going story in AV and not feel like a rehash. When actually looking at this for critique, and not to watch, it does seem a bit short. Anyways, on to the actual review.

The writing was fun, there was a lot of nice jokes involving all of the characters. King William is still his old self, not really caring until it involves him. Your shot direction has definitely improved, especially with your transitions, like those establishing shots in the beginning. The pacing felt good overall, but while those little "retro" bits with them traveling across the screen and the text explaining what's about to happen seemed to detract from the overall pacing. Text disrupting the flow isn't needed since in the scenes that follow we could clearly tell what we were seeing. They were cute and charming little sequences, but from a direction standpoint they don't work. The intro however, worked well and did a great job of conveying the mood. The ending was also humorous, albeit a bit cliche but it does give some good foreshadowing to what's to come. The credits were also nice with the bonus images and the gags they contained. Overall nicely directed, but there's still room for improvement.

Art and animation were about the same as other episodes, but with slight improvement. There was a little bit more fbf on some characters like King William in the beginning, and there was even actual lipsync as opposed to mouth loops. You still relied heavily on symbol animation though and some art was more simplistic than others. Still though, that's the AV style so it probably wouldn't be good to drastically change it. One instance of jarring difference in art quality was in the intro where you have some nicely detailed images followed by some less detailed images and it was kind of distracting. I feel like a less simple font would have worked better for it as well. There was also a nice amount of visual gags, with pretty much everything Rory doing being hilarious. Overall, slight improvement in visuals, but what was there works.

The music fit well, though the overuse of 3rd party music is a bit of a shame. Still fitting though. The voice acting has improved for all characters, they spoke clearly and put emotion in it. At some points it seemed like there was some slight background nose for some lines or something went wrong with the recording because there was a lesser quality to them. Overall the music was fitting but I would use less 3rd party stuff. The voice actors did really good though so there really isn't a lot more improvement needed.

Overall, this was good. Not as good as some other AV episodes but definitely a good start to a Saga in the AV story that will hopefully be amazing. There was a lot of improvement, but I still felt some bits could have been done better. It was fun though, and I'm certainly looking forward to the next part.

[Review Request Club]

MistyEntertainment responds:

Thanks for the review. I did consider cutting out some of the transitional sequences, though I found that they didn't flow as smoothly as they did with them. I appreciate the in-depth critique.

I'm sure a lot will go wrong with the magic lessons and cause hilarity to ensue.

This episode seemed a bit short in my opinion. I'm hoping parts two and three will not be quite as short. I can make an exception with this one since they are pretty much getting ready to embark on their quest to find a cure to the plague that could spread to their kingdom.

The graphics are the same. The backgrounds for the intro were pretty nice and reminded me of SNES era graphics for when a game started.

I did find it humorous how you lampshaded that females in adventures tend to be wearing skimpier outfits which does not do a good job of protecting them to begin with. Good sense of humor in that spot. Also funny how King William did not care until he was told dead people can't pay taxes.

The music used was pretty good and the sound effects made it all better too. The getting ready portion with the square made me think of Pac-Man for some reason.

Overall, good start to a new segment of the AV series.

Review Request Club

MistyEntertainment responds:

Thanks for the review!

hmm i like it but something feels...missing. like, some of the backrounds were great and some were just made in like 5-10 minutes. overall its great. although in the begining the animation looked much more fluid and it would be great if the whole thing was like that.

MistyEntertainment responds:

thanks for the review, i really appreciate it.

Surely a lot's going to go wrong... looking forward to those magic lessons!

Another good episode, and the start of what seems to be a pretty entertaining story. The switch from serious to comical was pretty quick at the start, a devastating plague is spreading... time to gather supplies! :D Smooth animation, good voicing, a bit unbalanced drawings (like how that one potion vial looks awesome... I wonder why that one vial is so incredulously detailed?), but the lack of detail's always been one of the strengths with this series: allows for a larger story. Keep it going!


MistyEntertainment responds:

thanks for the review. and yeah i did spend a lot of time on that one potion vial lmao