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It's the Ice Age! But it will get hotter soon! Follow a cute girl named Ern, to stop the Polkafriz (the mountain chains) from erupting! You will start from the summit till the core of the volcanoes.

A brain teaser puzzle from Hipster Hive!

We will present you :

1 . 60 Levels of brain seducing puzzles
2 . Clear, fun, and challenging! But all you need is just push the ice cubes! Cool!
3 . Funny story to follow. Cute Ern will accompany you in the puzzle solving but watch out, she is one of the kind!
4 . Collect all ancient pieces to discover the secret of Polkafriz
5 . Beautiful and polished graphic from our best artist!
6 . A well crafted ethnic music makes everything complete, just for you!

Control : Mouse Only

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I spent some time on this game thinking "Is THIS supposed to be challenging ?", until some challenging levels appeared, and then, I had fun. And headaches. But mainly fun.

The "plot" is dumb and sexist, and the game is not very rewarding ("You've 100%-ed the game ? Nice, man, here's a drawing.") Still, good game mechanics, a lot of levels, and increasing difficulty (kind of).

Definitely a super fun game! Very easy to get into with a decent difficulty progression. The art is nice, the music can get a little bit grating after a while but is good overall, and it's super easy to restart the level if you happen to mess up. I kind of would like to be able to still see the puzzle when the game is paused so I can sit and think over it, though. But other than that, super fun game that I'll definitely be playing over and over.

Wow, this is an all-around good game. Art is nice and clean, game is easy to play. The humor is a bit mangled in the translation but it's relaxing and easy to restart levels when you mess up. I never like when you have to reload the screen every time you lose.

I was a moron and clicked past the "how to play" screen and spent 2 minutes clicking randomly around the screen until the time ran out. So, for any other morons like me: You actually have to position the mouse OFF the board on the EDGE of the ice-cube. Then, the hand changes into a fist. Then, you click to punch the ice cube into the spot.

fun game!

Credits & Info

4.80 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2013
10:27 AM EST