Fruit Catch 2

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Catch fruits with basket. Get score for each fruit catch.

You will lose one life for dropping each fruit. Get maximum score and win maximum badges.

You will be promoted a badge. To get higher badges, you will have to catch more fruits.

Badges shows difficulty level. Higher badge means higher difficulty.


There is nothing that sets this game apart from the rest and makes it special. Add music, better graphics, and more challenging gameplay with more to overcome, and you'll have something. As it stands now, this isn't good.

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It is addicting but I think maybe you need to add more stuff in like music. Good game though.

This game is extremely repetitive and is very easy. It has no real challenge and is boring after the first few seconds.

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Please stop submitting the same thing over and over with little or no NOTABLE changes made. Adding a new type of fruit or a new song does NOT count as a new game. This is part of the Newgrounds rules of submission, so please be aware of it.

Newgrounds Elite Guard.

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well...it seems to work but is boring as hell.

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2.87 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2013
2:31 AM EST
Skill - Collect