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Fat Flash (Flash Version)

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FatFlashMedal 5 Points

Just Play the Game

City Dog Medal 10 Points

Win Level 2

Coins 1 10 Points

Get 10 coins from level 1

Coins 2 10 Points

Get 10 Coins from Level 2

Flash House Medal 10 Points

Win Level 1

Bee Medal 25 Points

Win Level 3

China Medal 25 Points

Win level 8

Coins 3 25 Points

Get 10 coins from level 3

Coins 4 25 Points

Get 10 coins from Level 4

Coins 5 25 Points

Win Level 5

Coins 6 25 Points

Get 10 coins from Level 6

Coins 7 25 Points

Get 10 Coins from level 7

Coins 8 25 Points

Get 10 coins from level 8

Coins 9 25 Points

Get 10 coins from Level 9

Fat Man Medal 25 Points

Beat Fat Man and Win Level 7

Flash Back Medal 25 Points

Win level 9

Nightmare Medal 25 Points

Win Level 4

Ufo Medal 25 Points

Win Level 5

Volcano Medal 25 Points

Win Level 6

Coins Medal 50 Points

Win All Coins from All Levels

Flash Medal 50 Points

Win Game

Author Comments

He's fat and dressed in red, but he's not Santa. He's Fat Flash! Flash used to be the fastest in town, but one day, Fast Food crossed his way. After this, he stopped running and became known as Fat Flash.
Runner style game mixed with a parody of the classic superhero, but in every level, Fat Flash can lose the extra weight while running, jumping and sliding to become Slim Flash again. 9 different levels with original art and awesomeness!
Up: Jump, twice for Double Jump
Down: Duck
P: Pause
R: Restart
ESC: Back to level selector
CHEAT CODE: To open all levels you can press right and left arrow at same time on Level Selector, merry xmas

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Awsome as always

So this was an awsome game but you always make some great stuff they are simple and bring some good artistic style the first level and jumping was interesting, I like the idea and it had some nice sound/fx to go with, a good graphics aswell, so anyways fun and silly game that brings some good enjoyment.

Make more fun medal ones like this.


Very good game. Graphics are artistic and funny, gameplay is fun and surprisingly challenging, but not too hard. The plot is a great parody.

In this politically correct age, this game deserves props for simply having a a fatshaming message. I myself have struggled with excess weight at past and I salute to everyone who shows how important it is to lose it. It really sucks being fat on multiple levels, believe me.

I really appreciate how detailed all the levels are with non repeating background details, different things chasing Flash, all this must have taken some serious time to draw and the game is superb from artistic perspective.

My favorite level is the Egypt race. Very beautiful background. And what is more funny then a fat flash? A fat batman! It made me laugh to see him panting out of breath.

The China level taking being on the other side of the world literally is also a great in game humor and versatile gameplay at same time.

I really like the artistic parody style of this game author - Munguia.

This game is heavily underrated. The artwork is very original and very unique. The game was a little tough starting off, but after a couple minutes of game play, its easier to play. Each level had a different theme which was nice and fresh. Unlocking the medals were very tough, but rewarding. For any hard core medal collectors or just completionists in general, this is the game for you. If a sequel was ever made, I would definitely play it.

One of your best games so far. Love your art style and humor!

Now make game flash about deadpool