Vulcan Beta 1.1

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Well, I said on my last beta release of Vulcan that I would be uploading again this weekend. Well, here I am. Within the time frame of the first release to now, I've probably fixed almost 30 bugs, here are some:
made all upgrades work,
included all menus,
included instructions,
fixed invincibility glitch,
added in health bars for both enemies and base on the HUD,
redid the main menu for a better appeal,
added in the boss enemy: The Great White,
Fixed movement glitch for touch devices,
added in sound and music,
fixed base killing enemies glitch,
and much... much more...

Vulcan is a space shooting game based in a galaxy where you must fly around and destroy enemies in order to protect your base. Vulcan, the defender of the galaxy, has been tasked to save humanities last hope for survival. The base is where the last humans from Earth live, so you must protect it with your life.


A good start!
hope you got my message for the music! I think it will only get way better :)

not quite my thing, but i really wanted to get back to hearing my music so i had to play muted until i wanted that enough. the sound is cool, it's very chip-like, but it's also VERY loud and totally dominated my speakers.

this is not complex stuff, considering what you already have here....would be easy enough to add a volume slider, or at least a toggle.


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KiiraGames responds:

Thank you for the response! :) I'll implement that soon.

Not bad, a lot of work went into it already. But...

It feels slow paced and thus gets boring:
Doesn't give a sense of control over ship evolution, enemies feel as threatening as sea urchins. Pickups usually cannot be reached in time to be picked up.

Needs a dose of action:
Enemies need a flight & attack strategy, rather than waiting for you to drag the base into their sights. Needs to give a visible sense of the difference between ships (what shots are powerful, faster, what they do... same with ship, which is stronger, faster, what are the trade-offs)

Ship maneuvering is cluncky:
Diagonal movement & shooting is possible, but fleeting. Need to change to a different control system, like acceleration/rotation, or follow guide point, rather than up left right down. As is, you basically have to park on your target to hit it... no fun maneuvering for an attack run.

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KiiraGames responds:

Thanks for the response! I'll add those things in. :)

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1.96 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2013
12:17 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional