Adventure of a man - 1

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Short animation of the beginning of a little man's adventure with some 8-bit music by Eric Skiff (http://ericskiff.com/).

The sequel is published!
Go and check it out: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/630604


This was interesting, not the best sprite animation I've seen, but it wasn't bad. And since you've used original sprites (or at least I'm assuming that), that's even better.

The animation in this was pretty decent, and I know how hard it is animating 8-bit things. There was some movement so it was pretty good for the visual limitations you had to work with. The colors were pleasant and the flow was okay, albeit some things were a bit hard to get on the first viewing.

A few things that I find bad about this are the flashing colors in the beginning and the end. I'm not epileptic or anything, but flashing colors are still sometimes irritating, and if someone epileptic did come along, it might trigger them. Though the bits with the flashing colors didn't last too long, but try making them shorter in the future, or find some less irritating thing to put in place. Speaking of short, that brings me to the next negative aspect of this, the length. It felt really short, with barely any time to have any sort of development. Make it longer with a more complex story and this can be a lot better.

This has potential to be something bigger. Good luck with your future submissions.

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Pepeto responds:

Hey and thanks for the review! I'll keep it in my mind on what you said about the flashing colors.

Hi, how did you do the 8-Bit? and what was the flying thing at the start?

Pepeto responds:

Hey! I drew everything first in Photoshop and sent them over to Flash where I then animated them. The flying thing was a flying octopuss baby that feeds the birds with men.

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3.98 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2013
8:56 PM EST