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YOGO RocketFist

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Enter the wasteland and destroy the evil robot army with your Rocket Fist! You've only got one though, so be on your guard when you send your Fist out to bring the pain!

WASD - movement
Mouse - Control FIST
esc - return to shop at lvl 1

This game was made in 72 Hours by Richard Lems for the Ludum Dare #28 jam.

RocketFist is a mix between top down shooter and roguelike. I didn't have enough time to make a random level generator so you'll have to do with the 15 levels I made.

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The game is not so bad.
It has its own share of flaws but is still entertaining and charming. The art-style, graphics are great. The gameplay and music are nice as well. Some storyline, medals and some other fine-tuning would have made it a 5 star gem. Taking into account that this game was made in just 72 hours, they can be overlooked. I wonder what masterpiece you could create when you have sufficient time.
Definitely looking forward to a better work from you. Keep it up!

Why do you have to restart the game in order to upgrade? why t the obstacles in the game block you from moving and not the enemies? If a cannible eats a clown, does it taste funny? i like the thoughts of the upgrades, just not having to start all over when you upgrade. maybe add some medals and do some fix up work to this game and you'll have a great one to play. adding a level generator and more levels would be great also. please don't let this one die. this is a good game, just needs to be tweaked a little.
3/5, 3.5 stars

+ Design
+ Music
- Shop = ESC = Starting over from zero (Level 0)

You don't even lose screws at your death, no. You also have only one life and you've to restart the level again. So grinding for screws is nearly impossible without ptressing escape and starting over. Sorry, but how can you make a well designed game without the 1x1 of good programmed games? I really don't understand it. I really hope for an update - would be a shame, leaving it to this unfinished beta-stage.

Didn't realize escape made you start over. Also didn't realize that was the only way to buy upgrades. How about putting upgrades in the game where you don't have to start over? Also a level counter, I feel I must have gotten close to 15, but got bored since I didn't have any upgrades so just quit.

I couldn't get back to the shop :(

Rilem responds:

Forgot to add that in the description. My bad!
You can return to the shop with esc.

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2013
7:00 PM EST