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Balgar - ep.5 " McDrive"

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Expect the new episode soon!
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Not bad at all. You've moved onto making character social associations which allows better audience identification. You're even making your generic "Fat Burglar" character a bit more interesting.

I notice a bit more vocal temporal modulation (which makes the characters more identifiable) and you even tossed in a subtle not-mentioned bit of humor using the curved "W" (upside-down McDonalds "M") appearing as boobs. Mentioned in the Terry Pratchett novel "Unseen Academicals". Professional animated series use quite a few unspoken bits of animated humor in the background and you pulled this one off very well.

I honestly state that if you can pull these into 11-minute episodes and get some better comedy writing with a bit more storytelling (you did exceptionally well in the "Balgar - CSI: Nessebar", but some parts of it were a bit slow for American television). At this moment I am either seeing a possibility for the Adult Swim lineup (though they have dwelled rather heavily on cheap vulgarity & casual cruelty humor) if you had enough product to sell (13 episodes of a minimum 11-minutes) to them. You might want to network with some of the other creators on Newgrounds for storytelling assistance, but humor-writing aid would be better found at websites like FUNNYORDIE or even the CRACKED Magazine website. You've shown much improvement in your series already. Your product output speed is pretty fast with such a small production team.

NedelchoBogdanov responds:


Haha, best drive-in video yet, and good variation to the more narrative Balgar episodes lately. Love the Scooby-Dooish chase scene, and the grand escape. Great conversations, twisted humor, keep it going!


Occupational hazards indeed! hahahaha.

Another great video. The animation just looks fantastic!

Lol " a other one of these and im blowing my head off" "buguer plz" BOOM!