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Metaphors For Our Love

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After splitting up with his girlfriend, Khyan poured his feelings into this visualised poem.

Written and Performed by Khyan Mansley http://youtube.com/khyan
Music by Todd Bryanton http://youtube.com/Lildeucedeuce
Sound Design by Dan Pugsley http://danpugsley.co.uk
Animation by me! My YouBoob is here: http://youtube.com/woahbot

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Well, that escalated quickly! :D

amazing :)

a beautiful poem, this certainly is! good music, and interesting metaphors. i lost it at whale, ha! good show, good show. cheers!

Alternative medecine huh, apart from that one, they were all genius! Love how it spirals away from metaphors into more personal accusations towards the end. Great poetry, and great anmation to go with it.


This is wonderful, I need to send this to my ex.