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Yuki : Wishes of 2 Stars

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A short animation for the December holidays.

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totally great,when I see this remembed someone , this one goes to favorites and 5 stars for make me happy today

dominiichan responds:

glad I could make yo happy
thanks X3

Very touching music but at least the ending leaves a place to hope :)
Me too, I'm fan of anime and I'll be making some work related to this trend :)
But I'm still building up my techniques for now so it may take a while xD
Also I've seen your work for the Christmas Collab because I'm part of it. The animation was slightly smooth-less but I'm sure you have your own reasons for that, may be it's because of the deadline :)
Anyway CONGRATS for the daily 5th place :)

dominiichan responds:

nice to hear you are a fan of anime
good luck on you X3
my reason for it isn't the deadline but more or less the time I have... XD

i am a fan of anime so immediately you had my attention. i like your art style, and this itself is a nice short. good accompanying music, and a good story told in little time. rather sad, but at least the memory and hope of her return is something in itself. cheers!

dominiichan responds:

glad to hear you're a fan of anime XD.
thanks X3

So sad. :( Not the ending I was expecting, but it was nicely done, though the fade effect leaves me wondering if he's maybe just imagining things. I think walking away would've been more effective... but maybe that's just me. The snow effects falling down are great, especially with the camera angle upwards its surprisingly realistic! Character motions are all smooth, the voicing melancholy, the music melodic. Maybe the facial expressions could convey more emotion, but it's good as is too. Keep it going!


dominiichan responds:

he actually came back to that same place to remember... so I guess it was a flashback?
either way thanks a lot XD

Very cute! Simple but effective. Good Job.

dominiichan responds:

thank you