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Earth Prime

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Author Comments

This original game was made for the LD28 Jam in 12 hours.


After the Big Bang you are responsible for the wealth of planet Earth. Choose your upgrades to lead mankind to glory by increasing productivity, technology and population to the max, while reducing the pollution to a minimum and fight threats from outer space. Be the fastest strategist and discover the truth about your planet.

You play the game with the mouse and choose your upgrades to reduce the time to win the game. Every upgrade costs 5% of your productivity


Edit (new version, 2 days of work now):

Here are the changes from all the feedback I got so far.

- New calculations

- Visual & audio feedback for the buttons

- added UFOs & asteroids that decrease population (can be destroyed by clicking on them, higher tech level needed)

- added medals & highscores

- added better instructions

- you win the game, when your population & tech is both 100

- you lose the game, when your population is droped to 0

- Press M to toogle the sound


Note about the inactivation of the Flash Player:

This game was made for Flash and currently can't be played via the browser, but if you want to check it out, you can use the following links (related to the newgrounds download file and official Adobe page)

Right Click on this Link and save "Earth Prime SWF File"

You probably need an SWF standalone player on your device to play the file

Official Adobe download page

Be careful to not download unofficial software!

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Nice quick game to play.

Satyre responds:

Thanks :)

it's an interesting game but every time i clicked on any of the buttons another window would open for the add on the background of this website. this is definitely NOT a browser issue nor a problem with my computer. this is a site issue. too bad the score was the one to pay.

Satyre responds:

It does work for me on firefox and internet explorer. Do you mean the in-game buttons or the ad buttons before the game is loading. I had problems with loading the ad once, but it worked after some seconds. Can you send me an message about the problem. I want to solve it, if it is a problem with my game.

A unique game. But it needs to have some black space ABOVE AND BELOW the Earth! Because plenty of times there would be an approaching UFO or asteroid and I never even had a chance to click on it until the last second since it wouldn't even be on the screen and of COURSE the impact point of the asteroid will just happen to be right as soon as it is on the bottom of the planet, a quarter of a second after it gets on the screen. It's frigging space. No up or down. They should be able to defend the poles as well as the equator! So it shouldn't be harder to defend up and down than left and right just because it's inconvenient for you to make a game with a 1x1 display aspect ratio.

Satyre responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I'll change the impact points or the aspect ratio in the next update, to let the player defend the planet better.

I quite enjoyed this quick game. It grabbed my interest and I played it more than a few times getting the order of operations down to the most efficient level. As of this review, I hold the high score. Ninety one seconds. Woot.

A few more elements could make this a full fledged game. Perhaps a higher rate of hazards, but fewer detriments, or quicker timers with fewer rewards. Then again, you could add other sub-elements such as a basis for production (factories, workers, animal labor), population (farmland, hunting, housing), and technology (laboratories, space laboratories, multidimensional space laboratories (this being Earth Prime, there are other dimensions, right?)).

The visuals were simply great. The world turning into a circuit board as technology grew was a nice touch. What I found the most fitting, though, was the music. The atmosphere was set. It put in an air of wonder and made me feel like this was the birthcry and triumph of a new world.

Overall, I love what you have created. It is what it is, and what it is is good. I really hope to see more.

Satyre responds:

Thanks. You totally got the mood and intention right :). Great suggestions and nice idea for the different dimensions. This could be used to create multiple sequels of this game. I think I'll use the new ideas for sequels, cause I have some plans to improve this kind of game and have to start all over from scratch to got every feature right.

Interesting! Keep it up.

As with other comments. It is pretty short. But for 14 hours that is not bad.

Really, two endings only:

1. You click too slow = too much production = too much pollution

2. You click fast enough on Technology and Population with production around 3-8 = 90 seconds game.

Satyre responds:

Sorry I wrote the time miscorrectly, I meant 12 hours. Thanks for the review. The game has some bad game elements atm. There was no time left to enhance the balancing so it is very short and easy. I concentrated to much on animation and graphics this time instead of gameplay so unfortunately there is a huge lack of interesting content.