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The Noob Adventures Episode 19

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Episode 20:

Episode 18:

Our heroes take shelter during the night to examine their new loot, only to find that the items will lead them down a mysterious and haunting route...

Special thanks to AntVenom for doing the narration in this episode! And I apologize this one took so long to get out. I've been having trouble accessing Newgrounds lately. Next episode should come out much sooner!

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A minecraft submission

Wow this was really intense here, some added subtitles would go a long way on this one, So this was cool its nice to see some minecraft here on the site as this was a pretty entertaining minecraft film as you presented some nice element here this was some good adventure with minecraft related element I really had some fun with this one.

some added subtitles would go a long way on this one



Oh my god I love this episode AntVenom and Herobrine!! It's awesome. they are gonna die :(

This looks like it's going to be good. Facing Herobrine is going to be awesome!

Oh SHIT. They're gonna fuckin die