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Author Comments

Collect your Gold and Loot in Loot Clicker!

Use the Mouse to navigate Menus.
Click the "Farm!" button to gain gold.
Spend your gold on units to kill monsters and get gold for you.
Find Loot to upgrade your units.

Designed for the "Trials of Oryx" contest:


It's a fun game and I definitely wish to continue playing it past the 48 hours I've spent so far, having all but 10 achievements. I'll point out the most important issues encountered so far. Although they're my favorite, Undead become severely overpowered as more and more time progresses granted they have a good Chest. After leaving the game open for a long time I can get over 1000 Loot and it takes a huge amount of time to deal with them. They should be sorted by value so the best items can easily be seen and there should be an option to sell all Loot. More special items like the Demon's Soul would be a good addition as well. I hope the game gets updated as time goes on.

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It's nothong new but it's really good and ... what? TrampolineTales? Is that you?

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It's cookie clicker, just without the cookies.

I love the equipment feature, but there needs to be a way to quickly check new loot vs what is currently equipped.

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I love games like this, left it unattended for 9 hours and came back to 4,000+ new loot and 1,000+ Free undead minions. Can't buy them now either because the price is so high it stretches off the screen.

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Love This Game! Been playin for 48 hrs straight.

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3.78 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2013
8:11 PM EST
Adventure - RPG