Reviews for "Loot Clicker"

Very fun game! Fact is, you managed to make such a mundane task such as clicking quite entertaining, and that's really good game design. The only problem I have is that the harder achievements are quite monotonous to try and get, as it become really difficult to raise the amount of gold you get when you get further in the game. Other then that though it's really initiative, addictive and fun - and that's what a game should be, even if it is extremely simplistic, that's the genius of it :p

This is amazing, I feel like a mass company!

Excellent game! I must say, highly addcting. At first I thought okay, I'm going to play this last game real quick before I go to bed. The moment I was able to get the game to load, after a quick refresh of the page and with unyeilding cooperation from my slower paced laptop companion, any hope for an early bedtime was completely shattered. So the clicking unsued, for 4 straight hours, after checking the Bedtime achievement i had apparently earned around nearly 1 in the morning didnt stop me, oh no i was just getting starting at this point, trying all mannerisms of clicking techniques that i believe I even might have invinted some news ones until 2 hours later, out of soda, hair looking like Einstein was my model. But before limping away clutching my poor pointer finger i turned off my screen saver and left the window open because i cant leave it alone im so close to getting all the achievements, and as carpel tunnel has me looking like the butler from scary movie 2, ya know the "take my little hand!" guy? Yeah, that guy, i was looking bad,I went to bed, and so anyways the clicking unsued a little bit before for work and again i left the window open so my minions could do work! hahaha i get home from work and i've now invested nearly 11 hours into the game and still i do not have all the achievements yet and at 27000+ clicks my job is still not finished im not even sure it will ever stop!!! nice game btw jerks! ;D

I love games like this, left it unattended for 9 hours and came back to 4,000+ new loot and 1,000+ Free undead minions. Can't buy them now either because the price is so high it stretches off the screen.

It's nothong new but it's really good and ... what? TrampolineTales? Is that you?