Reviews for "Loot Clicker"

Is this the official flash version of GW2?

I love it, just like lol math
I have a problem selling the items i want when i have more than it can be shown in the shop tab, I select an item by the icon (example: bag of stuff) but shows the tool from another (example: enchanted mouse) and if i click it could or not sell the item i want.
Some times after i click 1 item continues showing the icon as nothing happened (i need to click a couple of times to make it work) that is just when i have a lot of items.
Thats the only problem i had and its a minor one, over all i enjoyed it
Also happy new year =D
(if there is a typo error or stuff sorry.... im drunk)

greath game does anyone know wath are the reqiuerments for idler adn demonslyer(weell ok to kill a demon but wath requiremnts do they have to you know being killed :D?)

Takes the clicker genre somewhere new and exciting. Can't stop playing, amassing an enormous army and it took me a while to realise that each loot was different properties.
Definitely going to be playing this for the next few days, hello carpal tunnel.

Brilliant game, fantastic content, recommend completely.
Five thumbs up.

really addictive! some really good ideas were put into that.

I just cant seem to figure how to get the "Go to Bed" achievement... Maybe get all the others?