Loot Clicker

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Author Comments

Collect your Gold and Loot in Loot Clicker!

Use the Mouse to navigate Menus.
Click the "Farm!" button to gain gold.
Spend your gold on units to kill monsters and get gold for you.
Find Loot to upgrade your units.

Designed for the "Trials of Oryx" contest:

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I like this game, but there are flaws.

1. The special characteristics of each character (warrior, gurnt, etc) has no explanation, so figuring out how to optimize them is by trial and error.
2. When the game is closed, half the chests and bags you've collected are often dropped.
3. There is no game save to prevent #2.
4. The delete game save does nto work.
5. As the game goes on, there's more delay in game play, except for dumping excess loot.
6. After you get over 9,999 undead, the game ususally slows down.
7. After you get to 100 of all characters, advancing is slow.

Now for the good points:
1. It has a nice late 1970/s early 1980s PC game feel.
2. Upgrade options make sense.
3. Its fun to play more than once.
4. It has potential to be a more advanced idle game than it is now.

awsome game! I like the graphics

I think I am done with this game at this point. While the concept is nice, there are a couple of flaws that just ruin the overall experience in the end.

The gameplay is nice and simple, gain as much of an army and gold as you can. You can change out the equipment for better stuff over time. The highest the Mouse clicker will go is 500% gold drop for farming, everything else has varying stats, ranging from 1% to 50% at the highest with the bonus stat ranging from even lower or far higher. The only Bonus I found some beneficial towards other achievements was the Undead +1 Undead gain bonus as it helps build up your army over time.

The giant blank space is for a one time bonus boss battle once you obtain 666 Undead units. I feel this area should have had more boss battles over time but there is really no reason or even motivation to try raising most of the units past level 100 as none of them get a boss battle to unlock either, just the Undead.

The first and only major issue I had with the game is the loot system. For those who decide to leave the game running open for hours on end, make sure the amount of possible loot drops is as low as it can get unless you want the game's FPS to drastically drop.

As the game has no threshold for how MUCH loot you can hold, it will continue to add up forever and never stop adding on to it. If your FPS starts to drop to under 20, it has gone past a certain amount and even if you do sell off all of your excess loot; the game's FPS will never go back up to 30 FPS making that final achievement (Gold X - Acquire 100,000,000,000 gold) a real pain to obtain.

If you plan to leave the game running in the background, just check on it every 30 minutes or so so it will not end up lagging on you.

I do plan to try coming back to this game someday and hopefully gaining that achievement but if the FPS is going to drop that low and never come back, it seems like the end achievement is just going to take that much longer to gain. The time it would take essentially doubles.

As there is no audio in this game, you can play any song you want in the background or just leave this game running in the background (which I do not recommend doing unless unless your loot gain amount is around or under 15%).

For three achievements people seem to have trouble unlocking:
- "Go to Bed" - Open the game up between 12 AM and 5 AM
- The two heart achievements - click on the links at the top in the game leading to the developer website and game website

Overall, if there was a cap on the loot amount; this would be a lot better. For those wanting that final achievement, check your loot amount often and just be patient. Otherwise, that achievement is not worth going for.

Fairly repetitive and grindy, although it is a clicker game. I like the pixelated art style and the "loot", which I haven't ever seen in this type of game before. I can't seem to find an exact goal, and that leaves it to the player to find meaning in clicking endlessly. Overall, it is a decent clicker with a nice hint of randomness from the loot. Nice!

i left this on overnight
i got 5,006 loot
i entered the shop
two frames per second
i'd suggest working on the frames per second honestly
otherwise great game

Credits & Info

3.95 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2013
8:11 PM EST
Adventure - RPG