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Stealing Christmas

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Merry Christmas everyone! this year's Christmas animation was an interesting challenge since this year i wanted to something that was NOT related to the SCF series. and i think it came out really good! what do you think?
let us know what you thought of the cartoon. constructive criticism is the best thing we can get so that we can get better at our craft ;)

Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone! see you in 2014

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Haha, wasn't expecting that blowgun the first time, but when Santa pops up again... this turned pretty twisted! For a while there it could've had a happy ending. :P Merry belated Christmas!


The Rosa doll had hair. Awesome. Totally saw him shooting the real santa from a mile away. Was expecting something along the lines of Cindy Lou and the Grinch for the kid and the Burgler. Either way it was one epic video.

That guitan :D

that kid was a fusking retard screaming Stranger danger when santa MATERIALIZED directly in front of him after all the signs inviting santa in

I actually was like, "Meh..." until Santa's eyeball got stabbed. That just made the whole thing enjoyable for me. :-)