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The game is simple try to eat all the apples you can without hitting a wall or yourself.

Slower snake movement.
Added score.
Moved level buttons to menu.
Updated buttons.
Updated graphics
More to come soon.

Note: if you have played this game before you may need to clear your browsers cache to see the updated version.


A good start, you have most fundamental aspects of the game done. The game needs drastic improvements though. Visually its doodles, therefore lacking the pleasing affect. There are no sound effects or background music. Something you might want to consider to add. The snake moves to quickly, reduce the speed of the snake. Also introducing a score might be a good idea, as it adds replay value and can show what achievement you made in the game. The difficulty of the levels is a good idea, you could use those blocks to create for other shapes or corridors for additional levels. Good start, but more of simple things needed to get a gameplay :)

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I enjoy Snake as much as anyone, but I did not like this game. The artwork, to begin with, was very choppy and very MS paint. The fact that the game had no sound also really bugged me, and the movement of the snake is not that great, as it seems very jumpy. Also, I do not really understand what that block in the center was supposed to be.

All in all, no, this should not pass. However, I encourage the author to improve upon this game and try to make it better and more enjoyable.

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Rubbish I would just look for snake on the internet, you move to fast you go through end of the screen to other and after you are long enough you die

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2.40 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2013
8:16 PM EST
Skill - Collect