Hero in the Ocean

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Only a true hero like you can save the missing divers. So let’s go to the deep Ocean! You will find many unique objects on your way: spy glasses, cloak of invisibility, tin snips, laser cannon, trophies and many other! Don’t miss the chance to show your heroic abilities!

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That was so great! I loved everything about it! From the simple, yet thought poking level design, to the cute art and a sense of urgency. Fantastic and moody music with a subtle touch of gaming. I was very relaxed. 5/5

I search for the song but I can't find any audio of it. Can anyone send me a link or something?

Relaxed :) 4/5

the end-of-level fanfare and option popups (next level/etc.) are immersion breaking. it should just flow into the next level seamlessly.

didn't like having secrets in levels that you can't really find without pressing against random walls.

this game would have mega-benefited from some light story throughout the levels or every few levels.

there is trash then there are games like this that have enough to keep you interested but are lacking some key pieces (or possessing some key annoyances) that keep it from being great. this one is right there, imo.

oh, and finally it has some bug where your movement keys will get unresponsive. i died in the middle of a level because the down key stopped working. (obviously i hadn't lost focus in the flash window because the left and right keys still worked)

The end..I finish the game and for those ppl.who are sooo important the music,but not the game,..well the name of the music track is Fall Slowly by Heather Fenoughty.
For me,..good game, rate 5 ..short and sweet.

Credits & Info

4.40 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2013
9:52 AM EST
Adventure - Other