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Ideal People

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Are there any ideal people? I guess no. Everybody has it's own strengths and weakness. Some people are funny, but bad looking; some are creative, but lazy; some are strong, but evil; some are sexy, but dumb. There are no ideal people! This made me realize - People are just like characters from RPG games! At the beginning of every RPG game you choose a character. Then You distribute your points across your RPG character's skills. What if our life is just like RPG game and before we are born our points being distributed across our skills?!

Comment below what is your strongest skill and what is your weakest one!

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i feel good after watchin dis

thx for this, so true I suck at alot but I am better at much more:) I took a test that is supposed to inform you of what your personality style would be beast at, mine was being a teacher lol I am not a teacher but an officer in the Army which conflicts with the test results lol. I am an introvert, not the typical alpha male that would be in the millitary but I have done pretty well, I guess I used my other skills to get around not being an alpha type male, I guess lol I think I confused myself anyways nice animation and thx:)

Why do they all have horns?

A fantastic animation, a deep presentation towards life.

Probably made by a neckbeard.