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Hurry and Escape: The Lab

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You are in a strange room full of test tubes and bizarre notes. It seems to be a laboratory. You are locked inside and you want to get out. Find the keys that will open the doors and escape.

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It's an okay game, but you can cause glitches with the inventory sometimes where an item can only be in two spots, one spot in the inventory and one random spot on the screen that it gets teleported to if you try to use it. I've also found you can buy yourself extra time if you don't click the text that appears when you first enter a room and just start grabbing and moving objects and items instead.

You solve easy puzzles in this game. The clue is obvious. Because of the time limit, I really had to think quickly and leave the door in time. *phew*

nice and challenging

The time limit made this game much more enjoyable than it otherwise would be. The puzzles were far too simple and the length of the game far too short. Not terrible, but not really gratifying.

Nice game, but not long enoug