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Ginja Ninja | Ep#1

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The Ginja Ninja has been deployed to take out a high value target, however, fate tosses a coin in the works...

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Like many have already said, love the art style and the music but the plot is weak and not terribly amusing. Definitely curious to see where you take it, though! Lot of potential.

Art style was good, timing of the music was good...But, needs more actual laughs in it. No offense, I like the animation all in all..But after I watched it, it doesn't feel like a comedy animation at all..Yet, i'm looking forward to the next episode! maybe my attitude would change haha.

awesome, an icecream-truck that play lady greensleeves as tune, nice

It's very Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time/Bravest Warriors) inspired art style, and the humor is a little lacking. But it's crisp and has potential.