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This game was made for a course in our university: Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. One of the conditions to the final task of the course is to upload to a site like newgrounds or desura.

If you can give us your feedback and critics please write in the review!!
(Or see a bug, and more)

Made with Construct 2


For aeons, the Muman race has been known as the most keen, curious and adventurous specie on the Twisty Road galaxy. With their advances in space exploration, many Mumans have taken as personal mission to explore and document the secrets and unknown landscapes of this vast universe of ours, contributing to most of the current knowledge of what we perceive as space today.
You're Momu, a passionate yet green Muman space explorer making his way over the outer boundaries of the known universe. One day, not long after your graduation from space scout academy, your ship suffers a fatal malfunction and spirals out of control, inadvertently entering a wormhole which shoots Momu and his vessel right into the unknown, crashing on a planetoid, leaving you stranded with nothing more than your trustworthy tool, The T.O.O.T. (Technical Operative Omni Tool), which is a multi-gadget that allows various actions for survival.
You lack any kind of point of reference to know where on the vast infinity you are and the Muman alliance communicational network is unreachable. It seems you’re done for good. But your Muman instincts are stronger than your Muman fears, and you quickly devote yourself to making a new home in this new piece of space, so you can explore and build and learn as you always meant to. And who knows. Maybe someday you will find the Mumans again.

Your mission is to recollect minerals to craft and build your base to get aid from your people and to defend and survive against the hordes of perils that plague this unknown sector of the universe.

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Muy Bien!

i accessed the build menu, how do I build?

Apart from a few bugs with the gravity (field intersections generate an annoying jitter when jumping) and the gun in the outer regions (the laser doesn't show any beams when shooting sometimes) I was thoroughly immersed in the game. The difficulty is spot on, the enemies are challenging but fair (the ricochet makes for an excellent game mechanic combined with the gravity generator) and the mining times were just the right amount of time not to be too easy or too annoying. An excellent idea and a very good execution. Great job!

PS: Is there a consequence for my life running out? I died a couple of times but didn't notice anything other than the restart of Momu's position. Thanks in advance!

gomezzara responds:

Thank you bwg666!
We will try to solve the bugs and some issues of the game.
PS: Only you will die but you will still have your minerals.

I am sure it is a brilliant game just by looking at other reviews but the play button isn't working for me :(

gomezzara responds:

Thanks JakobZ12345!
We'll fix those issues very soon!

As a maker of the game I'm very biased on my critique, but the game is fun and addictive and a good time killer.

gomezzara responds:

Thanks Kerethros!

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4.65 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2013
4:17 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other