Robo Hitlers Adventure

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This is a short game I made with my younger brother. He wrote the story, and drew the character (I tried to have him make the tilesets too, but he was scared people would say mean things too me if it looked too ugly)
Regardless. So together we made this game, where as Robo Hitler where you must escape.

Find the items, and just escape. It's not too hard.


I encountered a few glitches/bugs. Please fix these if you have the time to.

i froze :(

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DarkPrinceVI responds:

I feel terrible, everyone is getting this bug, and I'm not. The only thing I can do to help is add a restart button. I'm sorry :l

Not terrible but I couldn't finish it because I kept falling down at this one spot accidentally and then my character disappeared...

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Ditto on what other people have said, the game has some glitches. One to add to that list is that you can beat the game without finding the last key. I think part of this could be fixed by isolating the path that you have to take with doors, and morover to clarify what a door is, because I certainly didn't see any, doorways were always behind bricks. I think the game felt a bit on the short side and it also felt like it lacked direction. Kind of like you got the idea then decided not to finish it up. I think it is a good start. I would love to see it a bit longer with some more put into it. I mean, there is a good amount of potential in the concept of a robo hitler game. Maybe you have no intentions of taking it further or reworking it, but I hope you do. I think 2 stars is fair for what you have here, glitches and all taken into consideration.

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DarkPrinceVI responds:

I will remake this from the beginning simply because you asked. I'm sorry about the glitches. It was difficult to figure out all the problems because of secretly massive this game is. It's somewhere around 50 levels? Regardless Ill remake it in a special way!

It's okay... not that great and has many glitches like jumping.
but nice use of stencyl for once!

DarkPrinceVI responds:

PM I'm not understanding the jump glitch people are talking about :l Like tell me more about it.
Also there are plenty of good stencyl games in my opinion c:

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1.52 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2013
10:18 AM EST
Adventure - Other