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Rotor Snake 2 - Battle#1

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550101 You got a star 5 Points

Get the Star on the first level

Getting Started 5 Points

Play the first level

550102 You got a star 10 Points

Get the Star on the 2TH level ;)

550107 You got a star 10 Points

Flower pot

550103 You got a star 25 Points

Get the 3TH Star

550104 You got a star 50 Points

Get the Star on the 4TH level

Game Complete 50 Points

Complete all 9 Levels

550105 You got a star 100 Points

Inside out

Bonus Complete 100 Points

Complete all levels and bonus levels

Author Comments

BATTLE 2 IS OUT NOW: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/642404

:: Importent note about this version ::
BUG: if your time is to high, the level is not registreted as complete, trye again and avoid more red/black timekillers
BUG2: a lot of lag in Firefox (?)

::Next version::
Is here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/642404

::About the game::
Navigate the rotating stick through some creative and fun Levels , but the real Challenge is to find the fastest route to get the Best time.

-Use mouse - to select level
-Arrow keys - navigate the snake
-Space - goto next level (or skip a level if you Got any Skip-Stars)
-esc - go to the menu

Keys: collect all, and finish the level
Time-Killers: (Red/Black Box) adds 10 sec. to the time
Hour glass: stop the time for 1 sec.
Skip-Star: a yellow star, pickup the Star with your head, and complete the level to earn a skip (Press space to use the skip, complete the level later, to get the skip back)
Any tile : kills you

There is a known Internet Explorer browser bug which makes some keys stick when pressed. I promise the problem is not in my game itself, but it's something you can fix if you search for "Internet Explorer Flash Sticky Keys" OR simply use another browser like Firefox. Again, this is not a problem with the code in my game, so if you're experiencing this problem, try one of the aforementioned solutions. Thanks!

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I think the rotating dodge mechanic is uniqe (i never seen something like that) . I found the game very diffecult and star gathering even more so but i did enjoy it .

Level select menu is a bit confusing at first so you might want tokeep that in mind in the future .

Also i couden't figure out how to advance to the next stage because the TEXT "press space" blends with the background . This info would be better in the middle so people can see it .

Overall it was fun

lame, plain and simple

Well, I wasn't very turned on by this game. It just had too many faults. The worst part was probably how I could not really tell how to advance. It was apparently the same level. I don't think I did anything particularly wrong there. I managed to get a medal for trying.

It also didn't help that there was no music. It came across as too bland. I couldn't really tell the difference between what the keys and hourglasses did. I assume I had to collect them all to advance. That's one stupid expression.

sabikDK responds:

Thanks for you review, but Reading could have solved the hourglass problem ;) the hourglass freezes the time for one sec. And you'll have to collect all all Keys to finish the level. I'll trye to make This more clear in the next version ;)

Meh, not so funny or new