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Mouse controls. Click and drag blocks to move or swap them freely. No need to make matches to move blocks.

Saving Animals :
Line up 4 and 5 blocks of the same color to craft Silver and Gold Keys. Match 3 keys to open a lock. Open all lock on the chest to save the animal.

Making Honey :
Every level has a honey pot. If you fill it, a bee will be able to join you to help you in your quest. Bees are very useful. They can open locks, clean some pollution and attack bosses! Every match gives you a honey drop. However, if you perform combos, you can get more honey drops!

How to make combos? After matching blocks, watch where the blocks on top will fall. If they fall in place to create a new match, this is a combo! Move blocks to plan combos ahead of a match or play quick and move blocks even as others are getting cleared. If you can make several combos one after the other, this builds up a chain. The longer the chain, the more honey drops you receive for every match!

Cleaning pollution :
When a level is polluted, you can't craft keys or gather honey. When matching 4 and 5 colored blocks, green leaves are created instead of keys. Match the leaves together to clean pollution.

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I must say: this game is very pleasing to the eyes, ears and brain. I like the cute visual style and silly speeches.

It has though, among a few others, a terrible flaw; the blocks's flow. Why:
1 - It's very much unpredictable. You have no clear indication of when the will rise;
2 - Every time the new blocks begin to rise you don't know how much of them to expect;
3 - The movement is something between slow and awkward. Maybe it's because it combines the blocks movement with the weird cursor. It is simply awkward;
4 - Combine all the above and what do you have?
4.1 - Stupid mistakes;
4.2 - Unnecessary waits, because you hesitate to make a move. So you lose the time when you should be in a combination frenzy;
4.3 - Frustration.

The only differentials in this game are the style and the silly story. The gameplay has faults in the very fundamentals of this game type. By the way, I'm about to reach the second boss. I'm no whining. I did not even say that the day is annoyingly short, in MY OPINION. I see it was the main REAL challenge. The gameplay isn't an actual challenge, but rather a rastle.

Anyway. I'll keep playing this game and, if I can adapt to the "mechanics", I'll beat it.

Thanks you for the game.


A very cute puzzle game. Implemented a very simple puzzle technique in a very interesting way.
All the aspects of the game are quite nice and smooth... befitting the feel of the game.
A little bit of storyline would have been great, Moreover, medals would have spiced up things a bit.
Overall, the game is excellent.
Great work! Keep it up!

this is cute puzzle game
this is enjoyable to play
keep it up

This game rocks and is cute with animals

Hm...I guess I just found another bug. Fighting the wolf the second time, I just kept clicking the hive to send bee after bee at him, and the result was I summoned another bee when he'd already taken enough damage to flee (I couldn't tell, because the crack on his machine didn't grow any after the level started.) This seems to have crashed the game.

Pretty good game overall, at least once the bugs are ironed out. I was worried about the rate the pollution would spread, but cleaning pollution has proven to be a quick enough task that keeping up with it is no problem.

Basic addicting game, fun for a while. I did find a bug that if you beat a level right as the day ends your game is screwed due to all the locks being unlocked but the game did not recognize the animal as free.

ktrepanier responds:

Thanks Amconsequat. This bug has been fixed.

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3.78 / 5.00

Dec 6, 2013
7:10 PM EST
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