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Laser Beam Escape

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Too Slow 5 Points

You failed to escape the laser.

Game Complete 100 Points

You finally escaped that laser.

Author Comments

Escape from the laser chasing you by changing color to match the approaching blocks. Stay ahead by hitting blocks of the same color, and avoid blocks of a different color.

To change direction, click the screen or press Z. To change color, press 1-3 or click on the color buttons.

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It's okay but it's too hard.That's why I gave it 2 stars.

Ahhh, much like the homestarrunner Marshie Ween game. Except with 3 colors instead of just orange and black. Oh well, it's not a new idea, but I like the execution more than that one, where you lose energy and lives while here, as long as you're not actively running into blocks of a different color, you're erasing your earlier mistakes and the bar behind you is receding.

HORRIBLE music though. I'd rather listen to Christmas elevator musak.

WHAT? I'm 2nd place? On my second try, the first one where I didn't even understand the controls? Seriously, it never ceases to amaze me, just that as ancient as I am, how I still tend to beat all the young people on things like this where really I should get my ass handed to me. Seriously, I could have done way better, and there's only a few points between me and first, and 3rd place is almost 300 points down from me. Actually, how did they actually win the game and be that far below me? I only played it twice, and on the second run through, that bar got close to me once.

I'll tell you the pneumonic trick I worked out for keeping the numbers matched up with the colors though. Lower wavelength is lower numbers. So blue has the shortest wavelength, and is 1, yellow is longer and is 2, and 3 is the longest, red. Or if you want to say 1 is the highest energy and 3 is the lowest, that works too.

I enjoyed it . Its a cool concept and you can expand upon it .

Nice game!
There should have been stages and a longer gameplay. Plus more medals. The game was simple and nice. The music was good. The presentation and the art-style could have been a bit better.
Nevertheless, a great game.
Rob1221, you can now count me among your fans. Great work. Keep it up!

It was okay.....................