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I was planning to use this mini card game in the next SexEd release for simulate the skill test (for seduction).
I'm not going to do that because it's too much luck based.

I think the game is good enough for being shared with all of you so here it is ^^

I'm pretty sure that we could do something nice with this game. there are almost no limits for colors, numbers or pictures so please, tell me if you have ideas for a better rules system.

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Hey glad to hear my music used in something. But I do have to agree, it's a bit blarring and could use to be turned down a bit. Also I can't say much about the game since it's hard to know what to do. Again though glad you liked my tune there but this needs a little more work here.

Tenebrys responds:

that's a good music so thank to YOU :D

sorry, I was working on another project. I'm going to do like you say : turn down a bit.

I have made a tutorial but it looks like nobody reads it :(

I wanted to like this game, but I just don't find it to have enough depth as it is.

First things first: I'm taking half of a star off of the score because there's no apparent option to mute the very loud music that plays. It may seem petty, but this is something people have been complaining about for years -- especially for puzzle/strategy games which people like to play while listening to something else -- and so it's come time to rate games lower when they don't include this option.

As for the game itself, it immediately appears as if the optimal strategy in single player is to always play the lowest-number cards you can, and then figure out how to play the remaining cards... which, despite being immediately apparent seems to always work. It also immediately appears that the optimal strategy in versus play is to always play the highest card... which also appears to work very well despite being obvious.

beyond that, I don't know what to make of this game. There are other minor problems (for example, the scoreboard for versus mode is ordered such that winning in the fewest moves puts you at the bottom of the scores, even though that seems like what you should try to do), but overall the specific structure just seems lacking. I like the mechanic of playing cards that match suit or color or that are higher in the same suit, but the strategy available is really limited by having to draw cards randomly (especially without it keeping track of the cards that are left in the deck). This would be better, in my opinion, as a solitaire-type game, where all of the cards were laid out and visible but some blocking others such that you had to try to figure out the order in which they needed to be played so that you could play them all. I don't know, that's just one idea, and that's also coming from someone that likes puzzle and strategy games to be more difficult that the average person haha.

Tenebrys responds:

thank you very much for the review !
I'm going to make a better sound control.

its a pretty addicting game with good strategy. The colors kind of do look alike so I count on the cards that have the red border around them to see which choices I can make.

Tenebrys responds:

thank you !
I try to find good different pastel colors but that's not easy ! :p

I'm sure it would of being good if I knew what game it was
I went on easy pressed all the cards and I won

Tenebrys responds:

I have made the easy that way : easy to win ! please read the tutorial and play the hard difficulty for a better game experience

Honestly, I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing...

Tenebrys responds:

ho dude... there is a tutorial ;)

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2.42 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2013
2:29 PM EST
Strategy - Other