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Piltover gets Jinxed!

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Harley Qui.....Jinx's Relationship with Mr.Jay....ce, don't seem to be going well. Will Jinx patch things up with Piltovers perfect hero? Or will she take her hatred out on the town?

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[Deviantart] http://retrosleep.deviantart.com/
[Youtube] http://www.youtube.com/user/retrosleep

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Developers Notes: FUUU- This Video
Yo Summoners, Retrosleep here with another LoL Cartoon, this time It's a parody of a batman episode called "mad love" starting Jinx and Jayce. I liked the idea that Jinx became so spiteful of piltover simply because she couldn't have Jayce, and I wanted to tease at the fact that she is basicly just a Harley Quiin OC (Inb4 Tank Girl)

However this video crashed on me atleast three times. I was originally making very detailed models and was going to animate in a tweened rig kind of style. About half way through flash crashed as I was preforming a "save as" and it corrupted my original and back up so I had to re-make the entire video, so I just attempted to FBF the whole thing instead.

Needless the FBF approach wasn't perfect either I was having a problem where filling in the character art with color would cause the line art to disappear so I ended up having to create a new layer and brush color under the frames. It was awful! Rendering it was a huge pain too, i'm just glad its done and over with and I hope you Jinx fans enjoy the parody.
-Art and Animation- Retrosleep
-Original Batman EP.- (Mad Love)
-Characters, Voices- Riot Games

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Alrigt, alright, I understand why you went to boobs to get attention, this was much better, same with the guillotine animation. I'm sorry Newgrounds is a toxic place where only hardons are appreciated.

RetroSleep responds:

Haha, its fine. I take no offense I knew where you where coming from so I understood, but hey! Glad you liked my other videos. I'm taking a quick LoL break though, my next video is going to be Game of Thrones. I'm approaching it like Guillotine or Jinxed but I'm keeping the line-less art style I did in Feeders. I really liked the BGs and stuff from that one lol. Well I'm looking forward to your next review I really do take every opinion I get into consideration, so thanks.

2 words: fish lips.

i don't know what was this about... only the thing from the 90's batman, yet i liked it

"and I wanted to tease at the fact that she is basicly just a Harley Quiin OC (Inb4 Tank Girl)"

Yeah I always thought of Jinx as the love child of The Joker and Tank Girl

One 'save as' corrupted both original and back up?! How did that happen? The animation turned out pretty slick anyway, only time the FBF seemed to stagger a bit was when she was creeping on the desk, though I wouldn't have thought more about it if I hadn't read the description. This Jinx character is a mystery to me so thus also plot, but the random factor makes it all the more entertaining somehow. Keep it going!


RetroSleep responds:

I was creating the back up so when it crashed technicly the original file was open while it was writting to the back up file so it destroyed them both :x

Thanks for the encouragement I'll keep it up!