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Richard's Dreams

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An anijam of massive proportions! ( Mostly cause Richard is obese)

With cartoons from:
Choom Lam
Joey Souza
Steve Stark
Lisa-Marie Stark
Josh Stifter
Stephen Kan-Hai
Mark Live
Tommy C
Kyle Graham
Robert Tutwiler

© 2013

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bad kitty lol

Haven't watched a great collab in a long time. Fantastic work all around. Keep it up.

You know at first I was like......what the fuck.....but I was curious to see where this went. I am glad I stuck around as the imagine that went into this is fucking genius. I normally dont like collab animations as you dont know what your going to get but you got me hooked before I got pissed off and left. It is a really lengthy animation as well so plenty of material. So many different styles too. Its a fucking travesty that this is not at least on the front page. This is genuinely artistic given the very varied styles. I look at whats number one these days and I think what crap compared to this animation. A bit of a joke really but hey you have my support!

Starktoons responds:

thanks for the awesome comments man! So glad you liked it

liked it

Starktoons responds:

awesome! glad you did

This movie is stupid. First off, in many of the cartoons, it was just saying a butt load of bad words, and it just showed a bunch of innapropriate cartoons. Nobody gets a thrill from this or anything. Plus, the cartoons, were poorly drawn, and very few of the voices matched the character.