Sprite A Day Again: 1

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day 1: kid icarus uprising

welp, kid rick is back and we're returning to the ever empty jpg skies to see what that dummy is UP TO GET IT HOLY FUCK

hi there and welcome to sprite a day again!!!! literally!!! this series has been a huge mess and a huge success multiple times in newgrounds history, resulting in fans, friends, upbringings, troubles, critics, fanboys, and even new animators getting an award or two and a load of experience! we want, and in fact, NEED you to help support this thing. (you dont just want to see 1 part a day now do you?)

here's the scoop on what you can do to help us:

1. just watch the damned episodes and tell us what you think. what you liked or disliked and tell us why. even if its just a personal taste thing, we'd love to know!!!

2. join us!! we are zombies and we need some brains. if you have em, let us know. we'd love for you to put them to work either helping compile our work or just making something yourself! just pm me (horsenwelles) and i'll give you all the into you need to join. i will bite. oh wait.

3. just talk to me and the members sometime! we love social stress and it keeps us on our dainty little toes.

tomorrow's subject will be:


see you there ;)

PS: i'm so sorry for starting this a day late, but i both had a tough time getting my sleep schedule normal again and technical issues were had putting the initial stuff together. this is a patchwork miracle that you guys are looking at right now, and it feels kinda fitting seeing how kid icarus was day 2 last year. lets keep it going ;)

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Shitty, but I guess you maybe tried???

Okay, so, for starters, the graphics look like ass. I get it, it's a sprite movie. But that can't be an excuse for making a cartoon that looks terrible. Listen, I've got no probs with a cartoon that looks crummy in the interest of style, because I do that kind of crap all the time in my own stuff and I enjoy a lot of cartoons with "bad" art. But this doesn't even look bad in an interesting or appealing way. It just looks lazy and shitty.

All this could have been rectified if there was some kind of comedic merit to any of the scenes. One has a dude that gets hit with an arrow, and thats the end. Sorry, spoilers. That's just not funny to me. Fuckin tom and jerry had more interesting gags than that. Then in the other one, one of the "characters" says porn and they go back and forth yelling. Ha ha? The last one I watch clearly showed some more involvement and earned this movie a few more points for me, but the writing was still really cringingly unfunny to me.

The only thing was this movie obviously had some effort put into it, though not a very visible amount. Corners were cut all around, but there are a few I suppose you could have cut even shorter. Oh, and the menu music was annoying as hell.

Horsenwelles responds:

oh hey rox's brother.

Oh wow, I saw it was doing well with the ratings but I had no idea it would win daily feature

Both animations were brilliant
Great work everyone!


Horsenwelles responds:

"both" heh

cool nice work

This is hilarious, we actually got daily feature, ON THE FIRST DAY.

Horsenwelles responds:

feature oh sweet god

So is this series going to be going every day, all month? I can't recall prior episodes, but I like the idea! The plotted puns didn't make much sense to me, but it was a randomly entertaining watch. Congrats on daily feature!


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Dec 2, 2013
10:34 PM EST
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  • Daily Feature December 4, 2013