My reaction to "Gamer War

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I made this in 2 days :D It's an achievement for me!
Hope you enjoy this video ^^
Have a great day!

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This is a great flash with a great message the world would be a better place if people would just let others enjoy what they like without being dicks to one another. That goes for anything not just the choice of gaming console. Thanks for making this :D

Im pretty sure you're the only one who doesn't care....

Short and sweet. Nice.
Really liked the flow. It didn't take too long to say what it wanted and it's really well sumed up.

You know, sadly to say I used to be one of these people....but I've been looking more into the consoles and such, and in the long run...this pretty much sums it up. Here we are, making asses out of ourselves. For a while, I was looking down on the Xbox One because of how Microsoft talked to us like we were stupid, and I still stand by that it was insulting, but they decided to listen to us and changed a lot of things and even MAJORLY improved customer service like they should have a long time ago. I'm kind've shocked.

Truthfully, I've hopped from all the companies at different times so I'm familiar with all of them. They all have a variety of different things, so in the end, we shouldn't hate on people for what they like or argue with them, but we should respect their choices and this video shows a mature and educative stance on the "wars". Games are about enjoyment and fun, let's have more of it :) you made my day. I'm going to share this with the world. The most effective 55 second flash I've seen yet. Good job.

PS: Don't mind the ratings, it's butthurt gamers I'm sure because they want to be heard and shove crap down your throat. Reviews matter!

FunnyFilmsStudioNG responds:

I made your day?
You made MY day sir! :D
I'm very happy of your positive review, and that you took some time to write this :)

Excellent job xD
If only "nobody really cares" was actually true x.x

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Nov 29, 2013
3:28 PM EST
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